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TTC System Engineer (002327) in London at Inmarsat

Date Posted: 12/4/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Primary role purpose:


  • The Ground Control Systems group (GCS) is one of five groups under the Satellite Control Division (SCD), Chief Operations Officer (COO) area. Responsibilities of GCS include system engineering and operational support duties relevant to Inmarsat’s Tracking, Telemetry and Command (TT&C) network, Inmarsat’s In-Orbit Test (IOT) infrastructure, Payload Control Systems (PCS) and several other ground-based subsystems used to control and operate Inmarsat’s current fleet of 13 satellites. The group is also responsible for a number of commercial activities and ground segment projects for external clients, e.g. hosting and O&M services, or the provision of TT&C services for the transfer orbit of newly launched satellites (TOS). Going forward, a substantial implementation effort will be needed from the group to timely build the TT&C and IOT ground segments of the GX-5 and of the two Inmarsat-6 satellites. GCS is also directly responsible for the complete build of the ground segment required to operate the government payload of the I-6 satellites.

The position consists of the following:

  • As a member of GCS, provide technical, operational and programmatic contributions both to the core engineering activities of the group (in support of Inmarsat’s present and future satellite generations) and to the commercial activities such as third-party launch support. The role includes taking up leadership and/or programme management responsibility for specific projects or key work packages.

Job Requirements

Key Responsibilities:

The TTC System Engineer is expected to contribute to (and in some cases lead) in the following areas of work:

  • Provide support to various core engineering and/or operational activities of the GCS group as required to support Inmarsat’s present 13 satellites, and future satellites (such as GX-5 and Inmarsat-6 F1 and F2), TT&C launch support activities, network upgrades, maintenance activities, ground systems support including on-call etc.  
  • Participate in the procurement and implementation of Inmarsat and non-Inmarsat TT&C/PCS/IOT services and equipment including development of requirements, RFP specifications, evaluation of bids, negotiations with selected bidders, monitoring technical and operational aspects of contracts.
  • Evaluate test methods and test results, and participate in factory and on-site acceptance testing for baseband, IF, RF, PCS, IOT earth station equipment. Perform independent analysis of earth station performance.
  • Support end-to-end Compatibility Testing activities with the satellite and the launch site.
  • Develop Interface Control Documents (ICDs). Co-ordinate / conduct Integration and Test (I&T) activities of earth station equipment.
  • Develop Operations Concept documents (CONOPS) in relevant areas.
  • Develop and maintain link budgets, including accuracy calculations of earth station ranging systems (standard tone ranging and spread-spectrum ranging).
  • Develop Operations and Maintenance plans for on-station routine operations. Ensure training and handover to operations personnel are carried out smoothly. Set up maintenance arrangements as necessary. Develop methods of monitoring earth stations to ensure availability requirements are met.
  • For launch and early orbit operations (LEOP) of Inmarsat and non-Inmarsat satellites, support preparations and implementation activities, develop Specialised Operations Plans (SOPs), participate to rehearsals and exercises, provide real-time support during the mission either on-site or at the SCC.
  • Develop payload IOT procedures and test sequences and participate in / provide support to IOT campaigns at selected earth stations. 
  • Specifically for the Inmarsat-6 Ground Payload Control System (GPCS) development, support the Inmarsat project manager, ensuring that Airbus (the manufacturer of the spacecraft and of the GPCS) design and deliver a system that meets the requirements and that can be operated reliably and securely. Ensure that synergies with the I-6 government GPCS are fully leveraged, in such a way that GCS’s previous experience with existing PCS systems and ongoing experience with the I-6 commercial GPCS development are fully made available for the benefit of the I-6 government GPCS implementation.

Essential Knowledge and Skills:

  • University degree in electrical or electronic engineering or equivalent;
  • Satellite communications experience or equivalent abilities, with exposure to earth station RF and IF satellite communications equipment design, implementation and testing and to TT&C ground systems design and operations including baseband equipment;
  • Knowledge of TM/TC standards and protocols (e.g. CCSDS, ECSS). Work experience in mission real-time operational environment;
  • Good written and spoken command and communications skills in English;
  • Ability to prioritise and to work well under pressure;
  • Demonstrable analytical approach to problems (including the capability to apply analytical methods and tools to actual scenarios such as ground station design, link budget and availability calculations etc.), but prepared to take ‘common sense’ and practical shortcuts when necessary.

Desirable Knowledge and Skills:

  • Experience in a multinational team, in international telecommunications environment;
  • Knowledge of data communications systems and protocols (TCP/IP and DVB-S2 in particular);
  • Experience of satellite IOT and associated testing;
  • Computer systems, programming and software administration experience;
  • Good negotiation skills with customers and suppliers.

Sphere of influence of the position:

  • Works in close contact with other members of GCS and of the Satellite Control Division (Real-Time Ops, Flight Dynamics, Satellite Analysts, Software Support Group, Security experts), as well as with staff from Chief Technology Officer area (CTO) and with other COO staff members (e.g. DCN engineers, NOC engineers, operations/site engineers, antenna/RFS engineers) as required;
  • Interfaces with consultants, sub-contractors, suppliers and service providers, as well as with external clients;
  • The job typically requires extensive co-ordination with several players and with several other engineering and operational activities;
  • For Payload IOT campaigns, the TTC System Engineer is expected to work and integrate with teams of engineers from different companies and representing different interests.


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