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Inmarsat is proud to be an inclusive, equal opportunity employer and we seek to attract and retain the best people from the widest possible talent pool. Inmarsat is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and to avoiding discrimination in employment.

Please discuss with your recruitment contact any reasonable adjustments to our Recruitment Process that you may require.

The Inmarsat Values, introduced by the Executive Team, are the foundation for how we aspire to behave in every aspect of our working life at Inmarsat. The Inmarsat Values are the broad guidelines that determine our conduct, serving as a personal compass at work.


Passion is the fuel that drives us and our company forward. It’s the result of caring more, risking more, and expecting more than others think is possible. Passion stimulates our energy and motivation to deliver outstanding results and lasting value.


We believe great things happen when diverse people, perspectives and talents are united in a common purpose. We value the extra dimension that genuine collaboration delivers, while maintaining individual accountability. We say what we mean, match our behaviours to our words and take responsibility for our actions.


We thrive on innovation and ingenuity. Thanks to the Inmarsat family of dedicated and experienced professionals worldwide, we offer unique market-driven solutions and services that deliver optimal performance through leading-edge technology, proven efficiency and exceptional quality.


Customer success leads to our success. Our focus is to maximise enduring business value in the midst of increasing change, complexity and competitive pressure. Our pedigree is based on the ability to anticipate market trends and respond to them with speed and agility.

Inmarsat Qualities (IQs)

The Inmarsat Values have been translated into six sets of behaviours, called the Inmarsat Qualities, which set out how these behaviours are demonstrated at different grades and lie at the heart of our continued success as an organisation.


This is about maximising benefit and profit, while minimising effort and expenditure. It’s about reducing cost, waste, and duplication

Customer Excellence

This is about meeting the needs of our external and internal customers. It’s about delivering on our promises and developing long-term, positive relationships

Enterprise spirit

This is about being agile, resilient and embracing change. It’s about being self-motivated, accountable, focused on output and making things happen.

Open communication

This is about delivering appropriate, clear and focused messages. It is about fostering collaborative relationships and creating an open environment based on trust

Values-based leadership

This is about being an inspiring role model. It’s about creating an environment of engagement, enablement and empowerment through coaching and continuous development.


This is about challenging the status quo and continuous improvement. It is about creativity, offering appropriate and imaginative solutions, creating ideas for change and taking responsible risks.